Our Story

Dunhill will consistently provide you with superior back office support to do what's best for your clients!

  • Our uncompromising agent support and superior industry knowledge enable us to consistently provide you with the right products and resources that will maximize your earnings potential!

1. We are better than our competition!

  • Dunhill's agents greatly benefit through total support, better comp, and the latest technology to keep them up to date and in touch with our ever changing industry!

2. We are a lot better than our competition!

  • Specializing in Life & Annuities, Our Marketing Department has over 70 combined years of experience

  • We have our own Medical Director on staff

  • We'll assist you at point of sale on your impaired risk cases

  • We navigate our agents through the maze of impairments to get the very best results for your client and your business

  • If necessary, our Medical Director is available to speak directly with your clients' physicians' to help get your cases placed

  • Our Medical Director has a higher level of communication with insurance company underwriters to help get your cases placed

3. With over 22 years in the business, Dunhill gives you a huge edge in the "Jumbo Case" market

  • We are experts in packaging cases with our 20+ highly rated insurance companies

  • We have placed numerous cases of $100 million face and higher

4. Our New Business team is led by Cindy Rankin, who has over 25 years of industry experience in working directly with insurance carriers.  

  • When it comes down to keeping a close eye on and anything and everything needed for your pending cases, there is simply no one better!

5. Technology

  • Optimized for mobile platforms and tablets, we are the first Field Marketing Organization to offer a functional website to agents in the field, without restriction. Our website is designed to give you instant access to rates, quotes, products, e-application software, and case tracking 24/7 from wherever you are.