Dear David,

This is my second case and I want to acknowledge the excellent service I continue to receive from Cathy and your team.
Everything is taken care of promptly and nicely.
It gives the insurance profession hope.

I am so happy and thankful we connected last year.
You and your team are great to work with.
I am well taken care of and so are my clients!

Thanks again for the wonderful service.


You guys are always there for the agents!

Frank d.
independent Agent

The ability to have top rated carriers available and Dunhill experts in each type of product to assist me has been an invaluable asset to my business. It truly saves a ton of time and effort and gets my clients what they need.


Dear Tony,

I just wanted to send you a line to let you know how happy I am to be working with you. Most of my daily contact is with either, Gary, Cindy or Naomi. These three people are extremely professional and very helpful to me in completing my sales.

Gary knows his products and when I give him my clients' needs, he is able to find a fit that is profitable to my clients. This makes a win-win situation that my clients and I appreciate.

Cindy is very helpful getting the applications to policies with uncommon smoothness. She knows what makes me happy and keeps me informed during the entire process. We have a very open line of communication.

Naomi is prompt in getting checks to me and making sure that the amounts are correct. There is nothing like getting paid on time.

I enjoy working with people who reduce my stress during the sales process. Tony, your people do it for me. THANKS!

Skip N., ChFC

My father and I have been working with Dunhill for over 15 years. They have been an integral part of our business. You won’t find another “team” with more experience, product knowledge and support. If you are in the annuity, life or long term care business you owe it to yourself to give Dunhill a call. I know we’re glad we did. Dunhill is a first class organization.

Ron J. and Tony J.
Insurance Agents

Dear Tony,

For the past five years, I have done ALL of my Annuity business with DMI and recently started doing my Life business with you.

The Customer Service my clients and I have experienced has been Superb! Everyone has always been courteous, respectful and professional. After a 20-year career in Law Enforcement, believe me, Customer Service makes or breaks you!

The knowledge of your staff is impressive. Everybody seems to take pride in his or her positions and really work hard to do a good job. The variety of assistance available includes Annuities, Life, LTC, Advance Case Planning, Marketing ideas and systems. You even have a Medical Director for Impaired Risk Cases on site! You offer a wide range of Carriers and Product Lines. As an Independent Financial Advisor, CHOICE is extremely important.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge David Bombart as one of the many Superstars in your organization. He exemplifies what an employer desires with all their employees. David always goes above and beyond his job description and duties with Customer Service. He’s always courteous and respectful. He always has the time or makes the time to take my phone calls. If he’s busy, he ALWAYS returns my calls that same day! David’s knowledge and expertise in the field of Annuities is phenomenal. He has been instrumental in my success in this area of my financial practice.

Coley D.
Financial Advisor

On behalf of myself and my clients you’ve helped, thank you to Tony Steigerwald and Dunhill Marketing!

I got into the insurance industry in 2004 and found Dunhill Marketing in 2006. Since then, I’ve made six digits in two of the last three years, and am planning on repeating that success again in 2009. I highly recommend Dunhill for any business related to life insurance, annuities or life settlements. Tony is an expert at making insurance agents money and has helped me with so many tough cases.

Much thanks to all of the support staff at Dunhill as well: Rick, Gary, Dr. Harrison, Cindy…and many more.

Chris H.
Insurance Agent

Dear Tony,

After having been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, I feel like I have finally found a home!

I have worked for the “big” companies (MetLife, Hartford, & National Life of Vermont) and I have worked for small brokerages. When I decided to finally take the plunge and work for myself, I needed to find a marketing company on which I could depend.

All of the marketing companies made promises about their products and services and they all had the “You are such a great agent and we want your business” line. When it came right down to it – that is all they wanted – my business. The service was OK in the beginning, but as time went on and they felt comfortable with my loyalty, they shifted their focus to new agents. In addition, if the marketing person I was assigned to left their employ, I was suddenly without a contact or a “Go-To” person.

Dunhill Marketing contacted me by telephone about a year ago. I put on my – “Oh no – another marketing company attitude” and even though it all sounded great, I politely brushed them off. Fortunately that is not the end of the story.

I continued to receive polite phone calls and messages from Dunhill. Gradually, my defenses dropped and I skeptically decided to give Dunhill a try.

I am thrilled to report to you that that decision to take a chance on Dunhill was one of the best I could have made for my career. I could not be happier with the products, professional service, and support that I have received since. I currently am in the process of making Dunhill my marketing company of choice for all of the insurance companies that I represent.

Someone is finally listening to me. Helping me. Supporting me.

All too often people only write or call to complain. However, I feel it is important to recognize when someone does a great job. We all need recognition and support. So, in gratitude for all of the support you have given me, I want you to be proud of a “Job Well-Done”.

Linda C.
Certified Senior Advisor

Please accept my compliments as to the professional and prompt manner in which Gillian does business! The same goes for Rick!
My assistant has been out for a couple of days and I have been dealing directly in her absence.

George N.
Insurance Agent

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