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Fact: There is currently OVER $1 TRILLION of Life 
sitting in Trust Accounts all over the U.S.

Fact: The industry shows that 40% of these policies
currently “At Risk”.
Join us for a 1 hour Webinar to learn how YOU can tap into this Billion dollar market.
Webinar Dates: May 7th or May 9th
Start Time: 1 PM EDT, 12 PM CDT, 11 AM MDT, 10 AM PDT

Hosted by: Tony Steigerwald, President at Dunhill Marketing & Insurance Services, Inc and Steve Hutchinson, Founder of Fiduciary Provider Network.

Only 250 agents nationwide will be allowed into this exclusive program!

We'll teach you how to Locate and Mass-Market to the Wealthiest 1% of U.S. Policyholders.

What would happen if you could
* Have Instant Credibility with Banks, Trust Companies and Law Firms?
* Offer Solutions That Exceed Trustees Expectations with the Best Provider of Life Insurance Analysis in the Country (Currently serving over 150 Banks)?
* Have the Clients Notified by the Bank or Trustee to Be Expecting Your Call as Part of the Evaluation Process 6-8 Weeks Before you Contact the Client?
* Provide Highest Value Trustee Solutions at the Lowest Cost?

How Much Would The Lifetime Value of Your Career Increase?
500%, 2000%, 5000%?

What if every few months as part of this new marketing effort, you got handed the opportunity to work with clients such as a professional football player who currently has a $10,000,000 term policy in a trust that is not appropriate for estate planning or a 77 year old retired CEO from a fortune 100 company who has an overfunded $9,000,000 whole life policy with over $7,000,000 of cash value and still in great health?

You Can Do The Math!

These are just two real scenarios amongst hundreds that the developer of this system has personally reviewed in the last 90 days using this process for the benefit of a top 10 Bank! The average policy being held in trust is over 2.2 million dollars and many are inadequately funded, over funded, variable or term policies that are not appropriate for an ILIT.

Only 250 agents nationwide will be allowed into this exclusive program!

May 7, 2013
10 - 11 AM PDT
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May 9, 2013
10 - 11 AM PDT
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Later Event: November 12
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