Add Power to Your Printed Materials, Part 3: Resources to Improve Your Images

As you consider what kind of print materials you may want to develop, keep in mind there is plenty of help available for little or no cost. The quality of the graphics used in your print materials is extremely important. With the right photo, fewer words are necessary to carry your message. Although it may be frustrating and time-consuming to find the right image, it is absolutely worth the effort. The good news: you can find pictures and other graphics without being or hiring a professional photographer! You can find pictures and other graphics at the following websites:

  • This site has free pictures, icons, clipart, and borders. If you're good with Photoshop or another photo editing program, you can download vector images that you can edit. If not, you can download jpeg files that can be used in basic programs such as Word or Publisher.

  • This site has pictures, icons, etc. for a fee. The cost is minimal ($15 or less per image) and the images are high quality.

If you're not an experienced graphic designer, it's best to use online templates to develop your print materials (business cards, postcards, brochures, banners, etc.). There are thousands of designs you can choose from, and they're highly customizable to match your brand. The costs are very reasonable and the templates are simple to use for anyone willing to spend the time. You can find templates and other products at:

If you're still wondering whether print marketing is worth your consideration, keep in mind that the average person still sees printed material as credible and reliable - even young people! "In interviews with 600 Millennials conducted by TRU research, interviewees considered print documents more official and more trusted than electronic documents." [, quoting TRU research (2011), Millennial paper usage and attitudes. Paper presented at Paper2011, sponsored by the American Forest & Paper Assn and the National Paper Trade Alliance, March 2011.] 

Digital marketing is definitely a great gift to our world, but there is nothing quite like something you can see and feel!