Your Best Marketing Tool: Your Personal Contacts

We have said it before, but it's worth repeating. You are the best marketing tool you possess. Trust empowers your network and builds the loyalty that makes for long-term clients. People will do business with you because they believe you are sincere, trustworthy and capable. For people to reach these conclusions, they have to know you in some way. This is where your book will help you greatly. You can introduce an unlimited number of people to you and let them get to know you through your book. *If you do not have your own book, click here to get started!*

It is extremely important that you get in the habit of personally giving your book to people who are likely to be interested in you and what you have to offer. The list of people you will want to give your book to should include:

  • Current clients.
    • The people who have already trusted you with some aspect of their financial life know others who could benefit from your services. If they enjoy your book they are likely to pass it on as a way of introducing you. It may feel as if you are giving a book to someone who doesn't need it but never underestimate the power of your current network.
  • Friends and family members.
    • Your family and friends are going to be excited for you and will respect the fact that you invested the time and resources to get a book in print. They will brag about you to their friends and recommend you with enthusiasm and confidence. You want to make sure they have books at their disposal to hand out on your behalf.
  • Colleagues you are not competing against.
    • Your career has you involved with other professionals who offer ancillary products and services or consulting services to you or your clients. They are discerning specialists with an active network of their own. They are likely to recommend you with more confidence if they can give their clients something of value that represents you. 
  • High value prospects.
    • As you build your business, you will talk with lots of people. Some of these contacts will have little or no interest at the current time in your services. Others will impress you as people who could easily become clients. They are wondering if they can rely on you and are looking for a way to evaluate you without engaging in awkward conversations. These people will be very interested in reading your book. They can get a sense of who you are, get some of their questions answered, and develop confidence in your ability to guide them effectively.
  • Local leaders.
    • Our community contains many organizations that provide various social opportunities for your audience. These include social clubs, service organizations, churches, synagogues, mosques, community centers, travel clubs, exercise programs, and the like. Their position in the community makes them trusted confidants who are often asked for their opinions on insurance agents and other professionals. 
  • Anyone who attends a training where you the presenter.
    • Whether it is a seminar you host or a meeting where you are a guest speaker, you want them to "take you home." A few of the people who attend will be ready to talk with you at the meeting but most of them will need time to think about whether they want to do business with you. If all they have to rely on is their memory, it is unlikely they will remember you. If they take your book home, they will have a consistent reminder of the value you can bring to their lives. 

You are doing business in a noisy world. Everyone is confronted daily with a flood of opportunities and sales pitches. Social media has created a deluge of communication demands your clients have to wade through on a daily basis. Having a book gives you increased credibility and a louder voice amidst the noise. Personally handing your book to people must, therefore, be one of your primary marketing commitments. 

Again, if you don't have your own book, click here to get started with this unique and powerful marketing system!