Identifying Your Branding Style: 5 Personalities

In our previous post, we outlined 5 questions to ask when building your brand. In this post, we will outline 5 branding personalities you may relate to. The purpose of this list is to demonstrate a cohesive branding approach. One central personality should be incorporated throughout the brand because, as discussed previously, people will trust you when you market a genuine portrayal of yourself. You may not find that you perfectly match or embody one of the personalities below, but pay attention to the detail in the bullet points. Branding decisions can be made by drawing from the attributes of one's personality. 


  • The Celebrity likes to be well known and easily identifiable. 

  • They're comfortable receiving plenty of public attention. 

  • Big ideas and a big presence are normal and natural. 

  • Marketing on their name would make sense. 

  • The Celebrity will be at their best when they broadcast their picture, their voice, and their accomplishments. 


  • The thrill of winning drives The Competitor.

  • Being well-known is valuable only if it helps them reach their goals, but it can also be a distraction and slow them down. 

  • They build a team around them or go solo, based on which will bring the most dramatic results. 

  • The Competitor's brand reflects a can-do, hard driving, high energy approach to life. 


  • The Coach is at their best when they are training others. 

  • This quote resonates with The Coach: "You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you." - John Wooden

  • Their fulfillment in life comes from helping others achieve their goals, so their brand will be other-centered and will use words such as, "help" and "assist."

  • The Coach will evaluate their success based on the performance of those they coach. 


  • The Consultant may be better over coffee than they are on stage. 

  • Their joy in life comes from helping people find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. 

  • They are content waiting to give advice until asked and feel pushy when they're too aggressive in their marketing. 

  • The Consultant is building long-term relationships.

  • Over time, people see them as a reliable, selfless resource they can go to when it is right for them. 

  • The Consultant's brand will be more low-key than the Celebrity and will have a lasting quality to it. 


  • They may love it when people get together to talk about interesting topics and do interesting things. 

  • For the Community Builder, life is an ongoing conversation. 

  • When they're on board, others get on board with them. 

  • They hardly eat alone because they have a knack for including others. 

  • If they sit down at a local coffee house, it doesn't take long before others are talking with them. 

  • They will likely be successful at building a blog or podcast because they gain energy by having people join in their conversation. 

The goal is to match your brand to who you are. If you try to market yourself as a Celebrity but it turns out you are a Consultant, people will be confused when they meet you. They are meeting with you because they want to be around someone who is big. They are disappointed when they get the impression they are the bigger person in the room. 

If you are a Competitor but you present yourself as a Coach, others will lose motivation around you. They came to you to learn how to perform at a higher level. Instead they are now watching you play the game they were interested in. 

Your branding will be successful when you display authenticity and accurate self-portrayal.