Are You a Dolphin, an Elephant, or an Ostrich?


Your goal in choosing an approach is to be perceived by your clients as a dolphin. Let’s take a look at a few traits:

  • Dolphin

    • Agile problem solvers
    • Move fast when needed
    • Think through challenges
    • Seek out practical solutions
    • Have fun
    • Loyal to their pods
    • Will go into action when another is in danger or needs help
    • Intelligent and spend their life learning

Marketing runs the risk, however, of making you look like an elephant or an ostrich.

  • Elephant

    • Big
    • Impressive
    • Unapproachable

  • Ostrich

    • Spectacle you can’t take your eye off
      • (Until you realize its eye is bigger than its brain.)

Your clients will trust you when they believe you are agile, intelligent, loyal, and a creative problem-solver.