Casual Marketing with Social Media, Part 2

While navigating social media may not come naturally to everyone, it is a skill that anyone can learn. You can create an account and learn the basics in a short amount of time. It is a skill like driving, however. Most adults can drive, but interest and skill levels vary. Let's further explore this driving analogy. On any American street at any time of day you can have:

  • Enthusiasts who love cars, love to drive, and look for appropriate risks to take.
  • Pragmatists who see driving simply as a means to get from one place to another.
  • Overly cautious drivers who are creating problems.
  • Out of control drivers who are causing more problems.
  • Drivers under the influence of substances that impair their judgment.
  • Distracted socialites who are talking with passengers or phone callers.
  • Drivers who have never received a ticket.
  • Drivers who think they have done something wrong if they don't get a ticket at least once a year.

You also have the pros (elite drivers who are really good at driving and have made it their career), such as race car drivers. These drivers are professionals due to their keen instincts, advanced hand-eye coordination, and natural courage. People enjoy watching them and are often amazed by their accomplishments, but they are hard to emulate. 

Like with driving, all of us involved in social media will find out our style or personality:

  • Some with have an aggressive approach
    • These people love the constant interaction and access to information.
    • They find social media exhilarating and focus much of their attention on it.
  • Others will have a more controlled approach
    • These people will set a specific amount of time to put into their social media/digital marketing efforts each week.
    • They see social media as a task that must be done to incorporate a key part of their marketing strategy.

There are many different ways you can approach social media. Just as each person has their own style in the way they drive, everyone has their style when it comes to digital marketing. If you can find your style and implement it, you will see how social media is a crucial piece of your brand. If you try to copy someone else's style, you will find it exhausting and ineffective.

So, create an account, learn about it, and go find your style!