The 4 Course Meal to an Effective Marketing Strategy: Part 1: The Appetizer

Our first menu item for the Dinner Table will be a discussion on strategy.

Dunhill has developed the 4 course meal to your best marketing strategy. Your first course, the appetizer in building a strategy, is being realistic. Let's take a look at some of the motivation behind your business objectives. When your marketing matches the way you are motivated and the way you like to approach business, it will be relatively effortless and easy to maintain.

o   Some of you are motivated by authority and you love to be in charge. People respect you because you make decisions quickly, give decisive advice and are confident about the solutions you are offering for your clients to discover. Your strategy ought to include bold, high energy, high impact marketing steps that let your potential audience know you are strong, confident and ready to act on their behalf.

o   Some of you are motivated by assisting others in their pursuits. Your greatest joy comes from the accomplishments of others and the degree of security you help others attain. People will trust you because they believe you have their best interests at heart. Your marketing strategy ought to be filled with messages of how you can assist them in the achievement of their goals. Your messages will, therefore, be softer, more compassionate and more focused on others than yourself. 

o   Some of you are motivated by accuracy because you highly value precision and correctness. People will trust you because of your proficiency with the information and products you have to offer. Your marketing strategy ought to demonstrate your depth of knowledge and the unique ability you possess to address complex issues with straightforward solutions.

o   Some of you are motivated by teamwork. People will trust you because they believe you are working with them to find solutions to their concerns. Your marketing strategy will be most effective if it demonstrates how you can be on your client’s team to produce the results they are seeking.  Messages that include the words “we, us and together,” will sincerely project your value to your clients.

Let's take some time now to let that digest before moving onto the next course.