Impaired risk cases? Meet our Medical Director.

Impaired risk cases? Meet our Medical Director.
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Dr. Nathan Harrison
Medical Director

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 Impaired Risk
You have probably noticed that clients with significant health problems are difficult or impossible to insure. These clients may have conditions including coronary artery or other heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, etc. Previous lifestyle choices such as past drug or alcohol use create underwriting problems which affect the client's ratings or insurability. In the insurance industry, these types of cases are considered Impaired Risk.

Dunhill provides the expertise to help you place impaired risk cases where your client's risk is highly rated or may be unisurable.  
How we work for you:

Dunhill will give you access to our on-staff Medical Director, Nathan Harrison, M.D. Over the years, Dr. Harrison has cultivated key relationships with the underwriters of major insurance carriers. By using these relationships and his years of medical expertise, Dr. Harrison will identify the most suitable programs and carriers to meet your client's specific case needs and get you the best possible underwriting offer. 
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